About Us

After 12 years buried deep inside the manufacturing sector of UK fire door products, we came out into the daylight and asked the question...

....'how could we HELP to make fitting fire door products SAFER, QUICKER & CHEAPER...?' 

After extensive online research we noticed that (at least) 92% of fire door products sold online were UNSAFE in their current format. 

They either did not SPECIFY or did not INCLUDE essential safety components, that could end up risking lives & livelihoods. 

And so, in 2017, 'Fire Essentials' door packs were created: A professional range of fire door hardware packs that INCLUDED everything you need to keep safe. 

  • NO guesswork
  • No safety gaps
  • No hidden costs

Every door pack is designed to include EVERYTHING you need to fit a faster, safer fire door product. 99% of all fire rated hardware (hinges, locks, latches, spy holes etc..) MUST INCLUDE intumescent protection in order to meet the fire certificate.