Fire Smoke Automatic Drop Seals: A Guide

Fire, Smoke, Cold Air & Noise Reducing 'Automatic Drop' Seals

This range of seals fit to the base of a door and drop down to seal the gap (max. drop 14mm) against the spread of fire, smoke, noise and cold air. Click here to download the product brochure in full.

Every seal type is offered in 330mm - 1130mm length.

All seals can be trimmed to length and are gravity activated.

Seals Range Available (includes FREE Delivery):

  • Applique 37 (37dB Surface Mounted) from £ 13.44
  • TOP37 (37dB Rebate) from£ 7.87
  • Acoustic Plus 51 (51dB Rebate) from £ 17.80
  • Trend (39dB Rebate) from£ 5.79
  • Superior 60 (48dB Rebate) from £ 14.64

The 'automatic drop' mechanism means that you don't need to fix a threshold plate and can cover up a gap of up to 14mm between the door and the floor. The seals will drop directly down on either carpet or plain flooring and adjust to fit a SLOPPING floor surface.

Downloads & Dispatch Times

  • Drop Seal Product Brochure - Download here
  • Drop Seal Test Evidence - Download here
  • Seals can be dispatched within 48 hours but just email us at or use the contact form and we will get an exact price and lead time for you.