Fire Door Index (Quick & Easy Specification Document Access)

Fire Certificates - Data Sheets - Test Evidence

No more waiting for specification documents...

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WHAT is the 'Fire Door Index'?

We supply intumescent products to hundreds of fire door fitters & buyers across the UK...

...which means that we have access to a HUGE database of certification documents (which we already use to help our customers match their hardware to the correct intumescent pads).

So, we thought...why not share this information, with you, for FREE!

WHICH Fire Door documents are available?

If a manufacturer, supplier or other party has issued documentation for a product, we can find it. 

But, in general terms, the following are the most common documents we are asked for.

  • Fire Certificates
  • Material Data Sheets
  • Fire Test Evidence

HOW can I use the Fire Door Index?

Send an email to us at with the following information about the product you need specification for.

  • The product type you are using
  • Any brand or link to the product details
  • Whether you're fitting a FD30(s) or FD60(s) fire door

WHEN will I get my documents?

On average, we can send information back to you within 20 minutes!