Partner Program

3 Reasons why you should become a Fire Essentials Partner

  1. INSTANTLY boost your sales & profitability
  2. No stock purchasing required (you ONLY pay for what you sell)
  3. Sell products your customers will LOVE

If you sell products that your customers love  and require almost zero involvement by your selling team, that means QUICKER sales.

If you don't need to stock the products or dispatch the orders...that means cheaper, EASIER sales.

Why YOUR CUSTOMERS will love Fire Essentials products

Customers love our fire door hardware packs because they are simpler to choose and safer to fit.

Why EVERYONE in your company will LOVE Fire Essentials products

Your sales team will have to deal with less customer enquiries, your finance team won't have to pay out for goods that you haven't sold yet and your management team will enjoy endless meetings discussing how great your financials look.

BECOME a Fire Essentials Partner

Step 1

You will need to be doing the following already.

  1. Selling online to UK customers
  2. Selling door hardware products
  3. Be committed to a level of accuracy that promotes fire door safety standards

Step 2

You will need to decide which type of reseller best suits your business model.

'Drop Ship' Reseller - You sit back and relax while we do all the hard work. We handle the pick, pack and dispatch of EVERY order through your website for Fire Essentials products. While the profit margin is slightly less than the warehouse reseller option, your overhead remain at a minimum.

'Warehouse' Reseller - You will buy and stock our products as you would any other supplier but have the option of buying 'sale or return', allowing the return to us of any unsold, unaltered goods for a refund within 6 months of purchase (typical re-stocking fee of 10-15% normally applies).

Step 3

Once you have decided on the best partner option for you we will make sure that you have all the information you need to easily set up and promote our products on your website.

  • Detailed product descriptions (that can fit into your current templates)
  • All product images and video links
  • All measurement, data sheet and fire documentation downloads

To find out more, please email us via or call a member of our reseller team on 01305 457955 and together we can boost your sales AND help to improve the safety of EVERY fire door in the UK!